3D Healing Walk 2016

I would like your support for an adventure and fundraiser branded 3D Healing Walk 2016.  I am currently undertaking to raise $20,000 for the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) to conduct further medical research into Diabetes, Dementia and Depression, the three rampant diseases of this century.


To do this I am walking solo from St Jean Pied de Port in France, through Spain to Santiago, following the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James), commencing 10th September and finishing 15th October 2016. The walk will take five weeks and cover some 790 kilometres.


For the past 1,000 years pilgrims have taken up the age old symbols of the Way – scallop shell and staff – and set off on foot following the familiar yellow arrow, flecha amarillo, to reach the tomb of St James, the apostle, in the Iberian Peninisula’s far northwest. This magnificent long-distance walk will be an appealing mix of pilgrimage and adventure, heading through Spain’s north from Roncesvalles, on the border with France, to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Testimony to its importance is the fact that the walk is both Europe’s Premier Cultural Itinerary and a Unesco World Heritage listing.


It is my intention that the journey will be both informative and entertaining for you and well worth your donation. For the past four years I have been teaching Purna and Yin yoga. I will be taking yoga on Camino endeavouring to find a balance between the inner and outer journey by paying equal respect to both, with gratitude for all and compassion for others.


Even if you don’t donate and you follow my adventures online, I will have succeeded in enlisting your understanding and possible future assistance.


Please follow my blog as I walk across some of Spain’s most beautiful – and challenging – landscapes. I will be sure to keep you updated on the practical and mystical, all the culinary and wine delights I comes across on the way, as well as any misadventures that befall me, unless I’m too embarrassed to relate them.


There is hard science in this too, if you read the blog, and a serious effort on my part to draw attention to the no. 1 public health epidemic of this century – lack of physical activity in an aging population.


You can contribute to this vitally important cause, anonymously or otherwise, by clicking the DONATE NOW button on the right of the HMRI link. All money raised goes directly to the HMRI research. I am meeting all the costs of the walk.


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