About Juliet

Be present in every breath. Stay anchored in your awareness.

I was gifted a set of sandalwood mala beads by my yoga teacher Phyllis Campbell on her return from India when I was 11 years old. Years later I majored in Indian history at University, and have held a lifelong respect and interest in yoga and Hindu philosophy.

I became hooked on yoga after finding it’s therapeutic benefits – releasing tensions, refining my physical senses, and reacquainting myself with the nature of breath, by creating a space of calm in its relationship to the wisdom of my body.

I have continued to study yoga both in Australia and Bali. My Yoga Therapy Certificate and Level 2 accreditation with Byron Yoga Centre reflects my 500+ hours of yoga teacher training and teaching experience.

I offer my respect and gratitude to my teachers who I have been fortunate enough to attend workshops and train with: John Ogilvie, Maria Kirsten, Judy Krupp, Eve Grzybowski, Nicky Knoff, Donna Farhi, Dr Rishi Vivekananda, Dan Fanthorpe and Lorraine Rushton.

The meyoga – Newcastle approach to teaching yoga is simple: Be present in every breath. Stay anchored in your awareness.

My hope is that each student learns to live with integrity, to know themselves, and value life itself.

- Namaste Juliet Clark

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  • “After experiencing several different yoga teachers and styles in the past, I would happily recommend Juliet's class to anyone in Newcastle. Her yogic knowledge and interest in us all as individuals will suit anyone; from those who think yoga may not be for them as they are as "flexible as a dry twig", to those who know yoga and would like to challenge themselves. A very enjoyable hour to look forward to.”
    Katrina Howell
  • "I have found newcastle walking yoga a great start to my working day. It invigorates and refreshes me. Juliet is a very experienced and patient teacher"!
  • “After only two Purna Yoga classes with Juliet my neck and shoulder pain has reduced significantly, my calves have stopped cramping at night and I am feeling much more energetic.  As a 50 year old male and health care practitioner I believe Purna Yoga will be an important and beneficial part of my future health regime.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced teacher instructing us in such a friendly local environment is something I can highly recommend to my family, friends and clients.”
    Steve Dearing
  • “I can’t recommend Juliet highly enough. Since starting my yoga journey, I leave her class feeling physically and mentally stronger. Her teaching is clear, consistent and completely supportive. I believe anyone can benefit greatly from her, regardless of age, injuries, or lack of flexibility.”
    Bec Masterton