Newcastle Walking Yoga and Meditation at 6.00am

Newcastle Walking Yoga and meditation at 6.00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday with meyoga and Juliet is about loving the experience of sunrise and the calmative effect of yoga at dawn.

“It’s magic, once you bother to get out of bed and start the practice you wouldn’t miss Walking Yoga – ever! I much prefer to be outdoors and do yoga than in a studio. The sensation of experiencing sunrise and therapeutic yoga is medicine for the soul,” says Jenny, a regular of Walking Yoga at sunrise.

We have been meeting above the Bar Beach kiosk and practicing Walking Yoga for 14 months. Only the worst weather stops us practicing, even throughout winter we rug up and experience the most amazing sunrises.

Movement to breath in each asana and walking meditation creates a calm and lightness of spirit which students are constantly amazed by. We practice pranayama, the heart of yoga, overlooking Newcastle at Shepherd’s Hill and facing north to Port Stephens, or at the Trigg Station on Memorial Drive, overlooking Bar Beach and south to Merewether Beach as the sun rises.   Both views are spectacular!  This is a unique yoga life experience.

The best time of day to practice pranayama is in the morning before sunrise for about 15 minutes to gain true knowledge of the Self. The energy centers in the body – nadis are stimulated to act as filters to purify the circulating blood of worn-out oxygen-carrying red cells. The practice helps the lungs by keeping them pure and increasing the supply of oxygen. The result is that the practice of pranayama quietens the upsurge of the senses and desires, thus the mind becomes free of thoughts, and quite liberated.

The whole Walking Yoga practice is beneficial for everyone particularly busy people, stressed out by life’s demands. Move, breathe, meditate – love life!